Limpy Creek Trail


January 2010


Grants Pass, Oregon

On New Year's Day, several friends and I took a hike on the Limpy Creek Interpretive Botanical Trail in the Siskiyou National Forest outside of Grants Pass.

The trail loops around for a mile, taking you through one of the most biologically diverse areas in southern Oregon! Bioregions include a mixed forest, a riparian community, wet and dry serpentine areas and plant communities rooted on rocks.

The most outstanding feature is the creek itself. It cascades down the mountain, in trickling streams and raging waterfalls, to join the Applegate River, which then flows into the Rogue. We arrived after several days of rain, so the water was really high. It was a torrent!

***Please Note***

My faithful point and shoot camera has finally "bitten the dust." It no longer focuses correctly. Since it is the only camera I have, I used it for these shots, but they are not in good focus. I apologize, and will get a new camera soon.


New Year's Rainbow!

New Year's Day began with a rainbow! It was fading by the time this picture was taken, but you can still see a trace of it:


Limpy Creek Trail

The trail begins in a moss-covered forest. Moss hangs down from the branches...


and covers the trunks!


It coats the rocks and outcroppings:


and decorates stumps!


There are so many different kinds of moss:

(Three shots of the same kind:)

This branch boasts three varieties!


The Creek

The highlight of the trail is walking along Limpy Creek. We viewed it from many vantage points along the way:


On the Mountain

Eventually we came to a serpentine area, which was much drier. There were wide open spaces and grasses:


Seasonal streams trickled through...


There were great views!


Final Shots!

A rotting log, a split tree and a stump...



(Mushroom lollipop?)



A gall...



Happy Hikers!


What a great way to start the new year!


I hope you enjoyed this peek at Limpy Creek Trail. Come to Oregon -- it's a magical place!

Happy New Year's Blessings to You!

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© 2010 Susan B. Hunt