Angel Canyon & Best Friends

October 2009

Kanab, Utah

Angel Canyon, also known as Kanab Canyon, is the home of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in the country, and founder of the No More Homeless Pets movement. Kanab Canyon, a popular setting for many of the westerns filmed in southern Utah during the 1930's-90's, provides a breathtaking backdrop and over 33,000 acres of land for the1700 animals at Best Friends waiting for new homes. If you have seen the series Dogtown on the National Geographic channel, you are familiar with Best Friends and its work.


The Sanctuary

We toured the Best Friends Sanctuary, but I didn't take many pictures of the buildings or the animals. There are LOTS of pictures on their website. I did take some shots of the entrance sign and of Angels Rest, Best Friends' final resting place for its lifelong residents. Best Friends provides a permanent home for those animals which cannot be adopted out due to ill health or difficult behavior.

Angels Rest also provides a serene getaway for Best Friends' staff, members and guests, with benches and walking paths for meditation and contemplation. Stands of wind chimes, donated by the society's members to commemorate the passing of their own animal companions, dot the cemetary. When the wind blows through the canyon, the effect is magical.


Angels Landing

Angels Landing is a natural amphitheater in the canyon. It was a traditional gathering place for the native peoples of the area at one time. A stream runs along the base of the broad rock wall, opening onto a wide grassy lawn. The amphitheater is used for meetings, concerts, weddings and other special events. The natural acoustics lend themselves well to musical offerings, and the local symphony orchestra, Symphony of the Canyons, holds concerts there.


The wall of the amphitheater is a study in color and texture:


The Canyon

There are beautiful views throughout the canyon:




This barn was used in the filming of The Apple Dumpling Gang with Jodie Foster. Now it provides a haven for rescued horses!


High atop a peak sits Turtle Rock. A natural formation, it is considered to be the guardian of the canyon:


Natural caves are in abundance; they were used by native peoples long ago:


The Elkhart Mountains, third step of the Grand Staircase Escalante, are visible from the canyon:




Wildlife is well-represented, too. These mule deer granted a photograph!


This is a very brief overview of Angel Canyon. It boasts hidden lakes, streams, trails, petroglyphs, caves, slot canyons and much, much more. You can view a slideshow of the canyon at the Best Friends website.

If you love animals and nature, Best Friends and Angel Canyon are a wonderful place to visit.

Blessings to you!

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© 2009 Susan B. Hunt